Animal (horse) Cruelity

We see animals getting abused everyday. Look on the computer, watch the news or take a drive in a neighborhood. The one that gets to me the most is Horses. obviously those who abuse horses  have never really took the time to look into the eyes of an angel, a true spiritual soul, a horse.  That  person(s)  is so cold hearted, they did not take the time to pet this great animal. To stroke its soft muzzle, or rub their hand along their face or even run their fingers through the mane,  and give  along stare into the wonder quiet eyes of the horse. Because if they had, they  would not be able to put that beautiful animal in so much pain. Even though they don’t cry out, its sounds are there, the eyes will tell the story. You can tell alot by the eyes of a horse. Their spirit runs through your veins and their story is silent, but their true feeling are there.  So next time you meet a horse, STOP, rub your hand on its muzzle, stroke his face, maybe even breathe in his breath.  But most of all take the time to read the soul of that horse. See what he has to tell you. Bet you will understand him then. And taking care of his needs will be your first priority. Lets stop the abuse of horses. Feeding a horse does not cost much and grooming them only takes few minutes. And find him a better home can save his life. Don’t abuse. You’ll have a high power to be judge by in the end.