I was born in this world wild. My mom ha…

I was born in this world wild. My mom has taught me to be cautious as soon as I am  born, running  from danger. But as I get older I learn to trust humans. They feed me, groom me, ride me and sometimes I am left alone to die. How can you hate me? You, the human, made me who I am. You taught me to fight my instincts and trust you. You take away my wildness and learn to be dependent on you to survive. So, How can you hate me?  I give you a nuzzled when you are sad, I listen to your every word, I eat from your hand, and I follow you where you go. I am loyal, but are you? How can you hate me?

Next I am left for days, alone. My friends are gone or barely alive. My feet hurt because I have rocks in them and no one to clean them out. My hair is falling out because I have no one to groom me. I stand here under a shade tree because I have no shelter. I eat the falling leaves because there is no grass to nibble on, no hay to fill my belly, no grain to give my nutriment. I am hungry, alone, thirsty and sad. How can you abuse me? I was once your best friend, your child’s dream, your money maker, your pet but now you are gone. Did you call any one for help? Did you ask a neighbor to check in on me?  Did you donate me to a good cause? How can you abuse me?  And if that is not you. Then I am beaten, tied down to a tree, drugged, or rode for long hours with no food or water.  Thrown in a field or stall til the next day. You have taken my spirit and thrown it away, like takng our the trash,  I am sad. How can you abuse me?

A trailer pulls up. Everyone is there to help. I am wild but curious of what is going on. I fight by instincts but free of loneliness. I am put in a trailer. At first it is good. I past lustrous pastures and horse running around, but we pass by.  I see people riding trails and we pass by. We pass a barn ful of horse waiting their turn to be groomed,  but we don’t stop. where am I going? A wonderful barn, a child’ arms, a schooling show,  or set free in the wild. NO!  How can you slaughter me? What did I do to you. You lost your love for me, am I not a cute baby colt any more. Do I have problems riding because I just don’t  understand. Am I confused and lonely becasue  you took  me from my only home I knew. How can you slaughter me? maybe I am hurt and just need some medical attention. How can you slaughter me?

My cries are silent but I am in pain. I was put on this earth to give pleasure to people. Whether it is riding throught the fields with my human or frocking with my equine friends. I did not ask to be tame. I was born wild and free but you tamed me. Being with me is spirtual. I can read your mind. I know when you are sad, happy or want to sit in silent. When we ride together we are one. The wind flowing through our hair and our hearts beat as one.  So why do I get hated, abused and slaughter. What did I do?