Did you know that Dogs, cats, chickens and even deer are killed ( put to sleep, slaughter) more humane than a horse. Yes you do have the true horse lover that will be kind and euthanize their beloved friend  because they love that animal,  they won ribbons together, they travels to new places together, they taught many students to ride together, they cried together, So  they have passion for the animal. BUT you ever think about the unlucky ones.

Ever watch a show where the horse can barely stand up and they are  rushed through a shoot. These horse are scared and fighting to keep their life. They know what is about the happen. They smell it, they sense it,  and  they fear it. And those people just watch and KILL. They either stab then in the brain, shoot them in the forehead, drive a knife in the lower jawl or slit their throats. Leaving this animal alive but paralyzed to move. Next they either hang it up to bleed out ( ALIVE) or just start to skin it (ALIVE). And why do they do this? Because to them this was just a job or its  money in some low life’s pocket. And it never stops. Its everyday, every hour, and every second an animal is brutally killed. But not once did any one ever think about this animal. What it had to contribute to this world or what is has left, A second chance to make  child happy, to bring new life to the world, to win some  blue ribbons, to run another race, to run wild in the field, or to live a long free life.

It it does not stop there. What about the people who get them there. Not just the hauler but the abusers. Here is an animal ( healthy) sitting in a field enjoying life, waiting to be groomed, an apple to fall from a tree, a gallop through the field with its’  favorite rider, a young child’s first love, a best friend for a lonely teenager, a therapeutic leg for a wounded solider or to make a child laugh for the first time in years.   Its is then sold because some had no time for it, or child grew up, or someone who just did not want the responsiblity anymore, or lost a race because he had a bad day, or someone  just want to make a few extra bucks,   Sold  to a person who was cold-hearted, greedy, soulless and a KILLER.  He is then starved til he can’t walk, Beating til his spirit is gone, forgotten, lonely and left there standing to die and cruel and unless death.

The horse trailer  hauler is not out of the water. They load a trailer full of horse. Horses  that are mom’s, a family pet, a show horse, an ancestor of a great racer, a best friend or even free to be wild. And then crammed in  like sardines to where they can’t move. These horse are on the road to HELL. No stops for food, water, hay or even to stretch their legs. Their  trip can go on for a few miles or even hundreds of miles picking up more horses on the way. They can be stuck in that trailer for days. Most of the horse don’t make it ( lucky ones) and some are badly injured trying to stay alive but in pain. Only the strong survive this trip and for what, to DIE. No one wants that, not even  a human.

A deer gets shot with a shotgun and yes it  may not die right away but is dead by the time  hunter finishes his hunt, but  gutted DEAD.  A chicken is quickly put death but having its head cut off. Your dog or cat get held by someone and quietly falls asleep. But not the most wonderful, spiritual, wild hearted, loyal animal in your barn.

So let’s get together and save unwanted and abused animals. Take the time to be less greedy, give a child a gift, donate the horse to therapeutic and help an autistic child speak or a wounded veteran walk  and open your heart so a horse does not have to die. I know times are tough , but even tougher for that horse. If you have to sell him makes sure it is not a trader, or back yard slaughter-house, or just another person. Make sure your selling him for the right reasons Or just find a rescue group to take him. It is  your duty to protect these creatures of god, Not have them KILLED.