Sunday I went to local Equine rescue lea…

Sunday I went to local Equine rescue league( where I go Thursday mornings and Sunday evenings) and played with the horses ( Mocha, Dana and Gin). It was cold and started to snow. Mocha found her a new Foster home and we had to help load her in trailer. She was not happy about that but after an hour of encouragement she loaded and off to her new home. The other were upset to see her leave but happy she found a nice place to go. Mocha is going to be a 4h project so she will get alot of attention. Good luck Mocha and see ya in the show ring!!!

When I got home I received 2 horses at my barn. One of them use to live here and is now back. My daughter is so happy b/c she loved that horse.  And the other horse is here for training. His name is Justice and is very shy.We have 60 days to get him friendly and ride able.  We have our work cut our for us but at the end it will be worth it.