what is it about animals that heal…..

Did you ever wonder what it was about, that animals  can heal people. They encourage children to read, smile, interact and even feel again. They can help a person feel happy, when lonely and have nothing left in life or even give legs to an amputee.  Maybe help a troubled teen find their way.  How?  They don’t speak our language. They don’t look like us. They are not even the same species as us. But they make us, the human, so darn happy.

Is it those beautiful brown, blue, green, red or orange eyes. That look at you with understanding and love. Is it the wagging of a tail or a purr of a kitten or even a gentle nuzzle of horse. Maybe the spunk of a ferret or a few kind and funny words from a bird.  What can it be? 

I believe the  deepest and darkest secrets lie within these creatures. The voice that only the needed can hear. The voice  that helps these people get through life and begin to live or want to live on. The unconditional love that no matter what you do wrong or look like or feel like  they love you for who you  are. 

Who are the needy? We all are. Every one needs a friend;  a furry friend, a feathered friend,or  a slimy friend. Friends come in may different forms and sizes.  

Animals have been known to help with  physical problems too. They lower blood pressure, fill void in elder people in nursing homes, encourage handicap people to walk  and give them the freedon  get around. They can even help in  therapy for criminals. They  can teach compassion, love, and resposibilty  that alot of people don’t know how.

Some of those animals were rescue and got a second chance and are here to help those who need help. They too have a story to tell. A sad and lonely one, i bet. But as they walk in the room all  sadness for that animal are left behind and the only thing left is to look forward and help some one; You or a family member or a friend. 

So we owe those great creatures for keeping our families safe, befriend someone who needs one, cuddle next to someone who is cold, give an amputees the chance to walk again,  make a child laugh and help them read,  sing a lullaby, or just be there for  someone unconditionally.

Merry Christmas!! and to all Stay safe and  be happy. Adopted a pet today! Its never to late to get a freind.