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  • luv4horses 2:05 am on December 19, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Was the Night before Christmas 

    Was the night before Christmas and all through the barn,
    Not a creature was stirring, Well maybe a mouse.
    It was cold and windy and not a star in sight
    but it was one perfect night.
    The stocking were hung on the stalls doors with care,
    in hope that Santa would soon be there.

    The horses were snuggle in their stalls full of hay,
    while carrots and sugar cubes dances towards their way
    Chickens were sleeping, Donkey was snoring and and the pig was just a few feet away.

    All of a sudden Dallas picked up his head,
    he hears such a clatter,
    he walked to the window to see what was the matter.
    The others were still sleeping,
    and he could not believe,
    as something started to appear,
    but a miniature sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer.

    With a quick snort form a reindeer,
    The animals wanted to cheer.
    The shock in there eyes they did not know what to do.
    Santa climb down from his sleigh and walked right through.

    He was dress all in red and smelled of sweet feed.
    He looked like he came from his own kind of breed.
    A bundle of treats he threw on his back,
    he looked like a peddler opening his sack.

    He put out his hand and gave them each a snack.
    Filled there socking full of peppermints, apples and sugar cubes, oh what a more could be in the sack.

    When he was done he sprung to his sleigh to give his team a whistle,
    they took off in the sky like a small missile.

    And once he was out of sight they heard,
    ” Merry Christmas to all and to all Good night!”

  • luv4horses 12:05 pm on December 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    All I want for Christmas is …… 

    All I want for Christmas is for you to love me, to take me home and brush my coat and get the knots out of my mane and tail.

    All I want for Christmas is for you to hold me and give me sugar cubes and kisses, Oh I love peppermints so don’t forget them.

    All I want for Christmas is a warm stall, hay and grain to fill my belly while sugar plums and mistletoe dance in my head. I want to dream of happiness,  playing in the open fields and enjoying life.

    All I want for Christmas is someone to call my own, all I want is you.



    All I want for Christmas is a pony.

    All I want for Christmas is to be nuzzled from a true friend, someone to tell all my darkest secrets and share my happiness with.

    All I want for Christmas is  have someone to go on  long walks and share a carrot with.

    All I want is to dream of riding in open fields and showing you off to all my friends.

    All I want for Christmas is to spoil you and keep you happy and warm.

    All I want for Christmas is you.

    Don’t forget all those unwanted horses ( and pets) and give them there Christmas wish, a warm, happy home. Adopted an animal this Christmas and make a child happy too. Check out your local rescue group and adopt today. Vb

  • luv4horses 7:42 am on November 23, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    I was born in this world wild. My mom ha… 

    I was born in this world wild. My mom has taught me to be cautious as soon as I am  born, running  from danger. But as I get older I learn to trust humans. They feed me, groom me, ride me and sometimes I am left alone to die. How can you hate me? You, the human, made me who I am. You taught me to fight my instincts and trust you. You take away my wildness and learn to be dependent on you to survive. So, How can you hate me?  I give you a nuzzled when you are sad, I listen to your every word, I eat from your hand, and I follow you where you go. I am loyal, but are you? How can you hate me?

    Next I am left for days, alone. My friends are gone or barely alive. My feet hurt because I have rocks in them and no one to clean them out. My hair is falling out because I have no one to groom me. I stand here under a shade tree because I have no shelter. I eat the falling leaves because there is no grass to nibble on, no hay to fill my belly, no grain to give my nutriment. I am hungry, alone, thirsty and sad. How can you abuse me? I was once your best friend, your child’s dream, your money maker, your pet but now you are gone. Did you call any one for help? Did you ask a neighbor to check in on me?  Did you donate me to a good cause? How can you abuse me?  And if that is not you. Then I am beaten, tied down to a tree, drugged, or rode for long hours with no food or water.  Thrown in a field or stall til the next day. You have taken my spirit and thrown it away, like takng our the trash,  I am sad. How can you abuse me?

    A trailer pulls up. Everyone is there to help. I am wild but curious of what is going on. I fight by instincts but free of loneliness. I am put in a trailer. At first it is good. I past lustrous pastures and horse running around, but we pass by.  I see people riding trails and we pass by. We pass a barn ful of horse waiting their turn to be groomed,  but we don’t stop. where am I going? A wonderful barn, a child’ arms, a schooling show,  or set free in the wild. NO!  How can you slaughter me? What did I do to you. You lost your love for me, am I not a cute baby colt any more. Do I have problems riding because I just don’t  understand. Am I confused and lonely becasue  you took  me from my only home I knew. How can you slaughter me? maybe I am hurt and just need some medical attention. How can you slaughter me?

    My cries are silent but I am in pain. I was put on this earth to give pleasure to people. Whether it is riding throught the fields with my human or frocking with my equine friends. I did not ask to be tame. I was born wild and free but you tamed me. Being with me is spirtual. I can read your mind. I know when you are sad, happy or want to sit in silent. When we ride together we are one. The wind flowing through our hair and our hearts beat as one.  So why do I get hated, abused and slaughter. What did I do?

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    Did you know that Dogs, cats, chickens and even deer are killed ( put to sleep, slaughter) more humane than a horse. Yes you do have the true horse lover that will be kind and euthanize their beloved friend  because they love that animal,  they won ribbons together, they travels to new places together, they taught many students to ride together, they cried together, So  they have passion for the animal. BUT you ever think about the unlucky ones.

    Ever watch a show where the horse can barely stand up and they are  rushed through a shoot. These horse are scared and fighting to keep their life. They know what is about the happen. They smell it, they sense it,  and  they fear it. And those people just watch and KILL. They either stab then in the brain, shoot them in the forehead, drive a knife in the lower jawl or slit their throats. Leaving this animal alive but paralyzed to move. Next they either hang it up to bleed out ( ALIVE) or just start to skin it (ALIVE). And why do they do this? Because to them this was just a job or its  money in some low life’s pocket. And it never stops. Its everyday, every hour, and every second an animal is brutally killed. But not once did any one ever think about this animal. What it had to contribute to this world or what is has left, A second chance to make  child happy, to bring new life to the world, to win some  blue ribbons, to run another race, to run wild in the field, or to live a long free life.

    It it does not stop there. What about the people who get them there. Not just the hauler but the abusers. Here is an animal ( healthy) sitting in a field enjoying life, waiting to be groomed, an apple to fall from a tree, a gallop through the field with its’  favorite rider, a young child’s first love, a best friend for a lonely teenager, a therapeutic leg for a wounded solider or to make a child laugh for the first time in years.   Its is then sold because some had no time for it, or child grew up, or someone who just did not want the responsiblity anymore, or lost a race because he had a bad day, or someone  just want to make a few extra bucks,   Sold  to a person who was cold-hearted, greedy, soulless and a KILLER.  He is then starved til he can’t walk, Beating til his spirit is gone, forgotten, lonely and left there standing to die and cruel and unless death.

    The horse trailer  hauler is not out of the water. They load a trailer full of horse. Horses  that are mom’s, a family pet, a show horse, an ancestor of a great racer, a best friend or even free to be wild. And then crammed in  like sardines to where they can’t move. These horse are on the road to HELL. No stops for food, water, hay or even to stretch their legs. Their  trip can go on for a few miles or even hundreds of miles picking up more horses on the way. They can be stuck in that trailer for days. Most of the horse don’t make it ( lucky ones) and some are badly injured trying to stay alive but in pain. Only the strong survive this trip and for what, to DIE. No one wants that, not even  a human.

    A deer gets shot with a shotgun and yes it  may not die right away but is dead by the time  hunter finishes his hunt, but  gutted DEAD.  A chicken is quickly put death but having its head cut off. Your dog or cat get held by someone and quietly falls asleep. But not the most wonderful, spiritual, wild hearted, loyal animal in your barn.

    So let’s get together and save unwanted and abused animals. Take the time to be less greedy, give a child a gift, donate the horse to therapeutic and help an autistic child speak or a wounded veteran walk  and open your heart so a horse does not have to die. I know times are tough , but even tougher for that horse. If you have to sell him makes sure it is not a trader, or back yard slaughter-house, or just another person. Make sure your selling him for the right reasons Or just find a rescue group to take him. It is  your duty to protect these creatures of god, Not have them KILLED.

  • luv4horses 2:27 pm on November 21, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Animal (horse) Cruelity 

    We see animals getting abused everyday. Look on the computer, watch the news or take a drive in a neighborhood. The one that gets to me the most is Horses. obviously those who abuse horses  have never really took the time to look into the eyes of an angel, a true spiritual soul, a horse.  That  person(s)  is so cold hearted, they did not take the time to pet this great animal. To stroke its soft muzzle, or rub their hand along their face or even run their fingers through the mane,  and give  along stare into the wonder quiet eyes of the horse. Because if they had, they  would not be able to put that beautiful animal in so much pain. Even though they don’t cry out, its sounds are there, the eyes will tell the story. You can tell alot by the eyes of a horse. Their spirit runs through your veins and their story is silent, but their true feeling are there.  So next time you meet a horse, STOP, rub your hand on its muzzle, stroke his face, maybe even breathe in his breath.  But most of all take the time to read the soul of that horse. See what he has to tell you. Bet you will understand him then. And taking care of his needs will be your first priority. Lets stop the abuse of horses. Feeding a horse does not cost much and grooming them only takes few minutes. And find him a better home can save his life. Don’t abuse. You’ll have a high power to be judge by in the end.

    • Melindaaaa 9:49 am on November 22, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I think that animal cruelty is terrible. It is soo sad to see the terrible thing people do to their animals even horses and they have no remorse. Most people don’t even think it’s wrong. I agree with your blog 100%!

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